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Top 62 First Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Make New Dads Feel Special

May 03, 2023May 03, 2023

Father's Day is a day to make your dads feel adored and appreciated for everything they have done and are doing to date. And when it comes to new dads, this is clearly the right time to delve into some first Father's Day gift ideas and make their day remarkable. After all, they have newly entered into their fatherhood phase and are still learning to master the art of being the #No.1 Dad, just like their own!

Let us also tell you that a husband is promoted to a father not when the baby is born, but right when his wife is pregnant. From taking care of his little munchkin, changing nappies, and filling milk bottles to pampering the new mom with utmost care and affection, his list of duties is endless. Not to forget the fact that he is sacrificing his sugar sleep to make sure his baby and wife fall short of nothing. To sum up, he just keeps taxing time to fulfill his duties be it at work or home. Plus, he never complains! We repeat, this man NEVER COMPLAINS! Sometimes it's crazy to see how a husband sacrifices his own desires just for his offspring and family. Thus, it is now your responsibility to make his first Father's Day a lot brighter and memorable. No matter if he is your friend, cousin, or husband, the fatherhood milestone that he has accomplished in life deserves to be celebrated in abundance.

Ahead are some of the best first Father's Day gifts that he will definitely cherish forever!

A father is always on his toes, be it during the day or at night to make sure his baby is doing well. From changing diapers to feeding, he does it all when his wife is asleep! Sometimes, he also chooses to stay awake by relying on freshly brewed coffee. So, our very first recommendation is by default a coffee maker from Keurig that will be at his service at any hour of the day. This coffee maker is travel-friendly, compact, easy to clean, and comes with one cup reservoir, just perfect for a coffee-loving dad.

A new dad indeed craves sound sleep even for an hour or two. And thus, this sleep mask from Mzoo is amongst the most thoughtful 1st Father's Day gift ideas that will make his day a special one. The mask has an ergonomic design that comfortably sits on the nose bridge. It is made from high-grade memory foam and blocks unwanted light. Secondly, it improves insomnia and makes dada's trip to slumberland peaceful.

The next on our list of recommendations is the Advanced all-in-one virtual reality headset from the brand Meta Quest. This will surely be one of the most unique first Father's Day gifts that will urge him to take short breaks from his daddy duties, especially when the baby is asleep. In our opinion, this is a good option to ensure the new dad never falls short on entertainment.

When a dad heads out for work, he still makes sure that he is always available for his baby and family back at home. Thus, for such dads who are workaholics or have a habit of checking their smartphones for any important messages or calls, this phone mount from the brand Roam is the perfect gift for them. It can be mounted on bikes, bicycles, as well as scooters making it one of the most practical first Father's Day gift ideas from a wife, cousin, sister, or friend.

While researching for the most fabulous yet useful Father's Day gift ideas for first-time dads, we came across this bed pillow from Coop Home Goods. We understand how important it is for a daddy to recharge his energy, especially during the night. He has to gear up for his duties and fuel himself with stamina to stay up for his little one without feeling drowsy. Hence, this pillow is an apt gift in every sense. It is soft, breathable, and comes with the ability to relieve all kinds of aches and body pain no matter what his sleep style is!

When it comes to caring for and nurturing the baby, every mom and dad feels the need of getting some extra helping hands. New dads especially juggle to get things done at the right time. And when the baby is awake, his hands are clearly occupied. Thus, to resolve this tiny problem, we’ve got a quick solution. Gift him a phone holder like this one from Lamicall. This is one of the first-time Father's Day gift ideas that we highly recommend. Reasons? With this holder, he can binge-watch his favorite series, attend calls, and glance through important messages while holding, feeding, or lying down with his dear one.

When a baby is sleeping in the room, there is no chance of binge-watching series, or movies, or listening to music. However, it is you who can make everything seem possible for the father by surprising him with noise-canceling headphones from Bose. These come with a built-in microphone and Bluetooth connectivity so he can attend calls or command Alexa with whatever he needs. If you ask us, this is indeed amongst the most thoughtful first Father's Day gift ideas that he will use daily.

A wife knows what her husband needs or is falling short of. Whether it is his closet that needs to be revamped or his everyday essentials that need to be restocked, she just makes sure everything is perfect. Most probably, there are just two things a man needs — a watch and a wallet. Today, we got the latter one onto your screen that makes for the best first Father's Day gift from wife. This one from Zitahli is a simple and modish money clip wallet that is durable, functional, and engineered to protect his cash and cards with utmost security. Plus, it is not bulky and thus easily slides into the pockets of his pants.

Father's Day is a special day not only for a dad but also for a grandpa! And if it's their first one, you ought to make it remarkable. Well, watches, perfumes, and gadgets are too mainstream. So, this time we urge you to splurge on this Einskey's sun hat that will make them look nothing less than a dapper. This water-resistant and lightweight hat features a rear elastic design. It also is light in weight, super stylish, and perfect for sunny days. The best thing — with this hat on, they can visit parks or head out for a stroll with the little one in the cradle.

Husbands call out to their wives to locate even the easily accessible stuff like keys and wallets before they head out for work or grocery shopping. But with a baby on the lap, it is often difficult for wives to help them out really quickly. So, we are here with Tile's Bluetooth tracker which will do the job for you. It is a versatile tracker that keeps track of things. All your hubby needs to do is use the Tile app to ring the Tile when it's within the Bluetooth range, or ask the smart home device to help you locate things. P.S.: This is a phenomenal first Father's Day gift for dads-to-be who often require someone to help them locate their belongings!

Gift a new dada this water bottle from Hydro Flask this Father's Day, and we bet it will make this day a lot more merrier! It is indeed the best way to show him how you care by ensuring that he gets his daily dose of hydration with daddy duties on his mind 24 by 7. While glancing through the features of this product, we discovered that this bottle comes with double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps beverages cold for straight up to 24 hours and hot for 20 hours.

For all those patrolling the internet for the best Father's Day gift for a first-time grandfather, here is your pick. These are not mere sandals, rather they are pain relievers. They enable more natural movements and cradles with much-needed arch support. In addition, they reduce stress on sore knees, feet, and also the back. Well, what we loved the most about this pair is its minimalistic construction, simple design, and lightweight style.

Babies aren't easy to handle! They can go wild in minutes and calm down in seconds. So to take care of the babies, every dad first needs to fuel himself with energy. And, no gift is better than this blender from Oster that has the capability to make scrumptious smoothies in the blink of an eye. Trust us, every new daddy is going to love this as his Father's Day gift because of its ability to crush ice and blend fruits or veggies.

A new dad is fond of treasuring memories, especially the little milestones of his munchkin! After all, firsts are always special. And to reminisce about the happy stages and phases of his baby, this digital picture frame is a good gift option to consider this Father's Day. It is a touchscreen frame that requires wifi connectivity to function. All that one needs to do is email the pictures to this frame and the slideshow begins. If you ask us, this is the most precious first Father's Day gift from a daughter, wife, son, or friend.

When a couple is blessed with a baby, all daddies love clicking pictures and collecting beautiful memories for a lifetime. However, their gadget running out of battery is the most heartbreaking scenario ever. But not anymore! We recommend this wireless charging station from Yoxinta that is surely one of the smartest gift ideas for dad's first Father's Day. Our team glanced through the reviews and comments section of this product and discovered that one can place multiple devices on the charger station, and simply enjoy fast wireless charging. With this in his hands, he can not only charge his smartphone but also ear pods and smartwatches at the same time.

Based on our team's first hand research, this iRobot robot vacuum is the clear winner when it comes to the most unique first Father's Day gift ideas. That's because setting up this robot is super easy and convenient for a dada who is on his babysitting duty. Talking about the amazing features of this vacuum, let us tell you that one can control it with the help of the iRobot app. After the app is set up, the robot needs to be charged so that it can proceed with the Smart Map setup. In this case, it begins to map the whole floor plan of the house without vacuuming it. Using the app, one also can set different boundaries and name all the rooms accordingly. The best part? The Smart Map takes only an hour to learn how to avoid obstacles like tables, chairs, etc.

This hand and footprint maker kit from Bubzo Co makes for the most sentimental first Father's Day gift ideas because when we glanced through the features of this product and were surprised to see how this kit is capable of striking emotional cords in daddies who have just entered their fatherhood. To note more, this is an impeccable gift that will treasure his little pumpkin's first year for years to come. This kit contains safe and durable materials and the smoothest setting clay guaranteed to lend you realistic results. Hence, this is a good option to consider to bring a smile to a dad's face on the occasion of Father's Day.

Kodak's mini color printer ranks high in the list of creative first Father's Day gifts because of its mind-boggling ability to print pictures within a span of minutes. Our findings show that this wireless printer is renowned to be one of the best gifts for a dad who loves capturing the tiny milestones of his dear one. Plus, it is portable, light in weight, and compact. The most impressive feature — it works on zero-ink technology and produces photographs that are resistant to moisture, tears, rips, and smudges. With this smart gadget, he can click a photo of his baby, print it, and pen down his feelings at any hour of the day! Trust us, he is going to love it to the zenith!

Based on our observations, everything is new for a first-time dad and he doesn't wish to miss any of his baby's first actions — be it smiling, laughing, or rolling all across the bed! But in this process, he often fails to take care of his health. Thus this Father's Day, we recommend you give Yeti's Rambler bottle to show how much you care for him while he is enjoying his daddy's duties. It is a 100% leak-proof, puncture and rust-resistant bottle made from kitchen-grade stainless steel. In addition, it has double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps beverages cold or hot until the last sip.

While looking out for the most useful gifts for a new dada, we came across this alluring mug from the brand named Yeti. Our analysis of this product revealed that this stainless steel vacuum-insulated mug is equipped with a sliding lid to maintain the temperature of the beverage. So, when Daddy has to leave his tea or coffee aside to give all attention to his little angel, he can do it without the fear of his beverage losing its original temperature.

Fathers are smart when it comes to entertaining their babies. They switch to rhyming poems, animated series, or play songs to keep the baby engaged. Thus for such smart device-dependent dads, we found a lovely Father's Day gift — Kabcon's tablet stand. It is an adjustable, anti-skid, and foldable stand that has the capacity to hold up to a 15-inch tab. Whenever he wants to do his work, play videos, or attend video calls, he can place his tablet on it, and sit hands-free.

Be it the first Father's Day gift for Grandpa or a new dad, this smart mug from Ember is a great option to consider. While researching for some of the best and most useful gifts, we came across this thoughtful piece. What we really loved is its stainless steel construction, temperature-controlling abilities, and 80 minutes of battery life. So, when the baby falls asleep, grandpa or dad won't need anyone to serve them a hot cup of coffee or tea. Plus, the mug goes into sleep mode after 2 hours of inactivity or when empty and wakes up when it senses liquid pouring or any other movement.

When mom isn't around, it's the duty of the dad to feed the baby. And, to make his milk-feeding duty a little smoother and quicker, you can give him this Multiwarm Intuitive bottle warmer introduced by Tomme Tippee on the occasion of his first Father's Day. It is a compact warmer with multiple settings and an easy-to-lift cradle. It warms all kinds of milk bottles and food jars in just 4 minutes without the risk of overheating.

Baby duties aren't as easy as they may seem! The most difficult task is to make the baby fall asleep. And when finally the new dad succeeds, he wishes for a massage to relax and recharge himself. Thus, according to us, this handheld electric massage gun from Theragun is the most practical and incredibly useful first Father's Day gift. It is portable, easy to use, and comes with 3 attachments and 3 speed levels. Plus, with its ultra-quiet deep penetrating technology, this device melts away tension and empowers recovery. The best feature — it cures cramps and muscle knots in a jiffy.

This cell phone stand with a wireless Bluetooth speaker from Jteman is the most distinctive first Father's Day gift for a brother, hubby, or son-in-law who is a melophile and enjoying his fatherhood phase with rhyming poems on his mind 24 by 7. What we really liked about his stand is its anti-slip base, silicone panel, enhanced bass, tight mids, and crystal clear highs with no sound distortion. And guess what, with this stand, the new dad can groove on musical rhymes with his little one for endless hours.

Here comes another option to make a melophile daddy's Father's Day super special — this Bluetooth portable speaker from Marshall that ticks off all boxes when it comes to good-quality music. Secondly, we promise this is going to be daddy shark do do do's go-to speaker when he wants to have a gala time with his baby shark. So, slide this one into your cart, wrap it with love and affection, and allow him to groove on the finest nursery rhymes in utmost merriment with the little one.

There is clearly no better first Father's Day gift for a son, husband, cousin, sibling, or friend than this 360 All-position baby carrier from Ergobaby. It is thoughtfully crafted with SoftFlex mesh to amplify airflow and keep the wearer and the baby cool and dry all day long. Moreover, this carrier is an apt traveling accessory for an outdoor adventure, shopping, picnic, or a relaxing getaway.

While searching for some exceptional personalized first Father's Day gift ideas, we bumped into this watch band from Vnox. It is a stainless steel link bracelet with the word ‘daddy’ and a custom hidden message engraved on it. Plus, it is water and rust resistant and has a curved design that conforms to the wrist shape. Trust us, this will be one of the best gifts of his life that he will treasure and flaunt forever.

For a new dad, every day is a day of experiments and assumptions. It starts right from figuring out if his baby is hungry, sleepy, cranky, or awake. It is also difficult for him to keep a check on his little one at regular intervals especially when he/she is asleep. And, so for such dads who have newly entered into this unpredictable baby phase, this Lollipop baby monitor is the perfect first Father's Day gift. This small gadget monitors the baby's breathing rate through AI technology and allows him to view the sleeping position history. Plus, he can check on the baby by looking at the Lollipop live feed on his tablet or smartphone from anywhere at any time.

For every new dad who tends to be extra careful when it comes to his dear one, this is a good Father's Day gift option to consider. It is the Countour Gauge tool set from the brand named Dodowin that will help him revamp his home decor or flooring with utmost ease keeping the safety of his child in mind. Believe us, he longer has to wait for a carpenter to conceal gauge areas or risky corners. He can do it on his own as and when required. After all, once the baby begins to crawl under chairs and tables, one has to be alert to ensure there are no mishaps.

When it is time to feed or entertain a baby, a dad always relies on nursery rhymes or some music in the background so that he can groove to the beats and get things done really quickly. Thus, we recommend this flame speaker from Anerimst. It is the coolest Father's Day gift firstly because it comes with LED lights, richer bass, and waterproof construction. He can hang it in the window, balcony, or garden and easily keep his little one entertained.

First Father's Day in a man's life definitely calls for a celebration. After all, it is nothing less than a milestone that he has accomplished. And, here is how you can make his day memorable — give him this DIY whiskey-making kit from Do Your Gin. Let us tell you, this is going to be the most unexpected Father's Day Gift ever! So, don't think much, slide it into your cart and get set to raise a toast for the new dad with your family and friends!

For a new daddy, suddenly, a diaper bag becomes more important than his laptop bag. His life changes and begins to revolve around his child. Thus, this large diaper bag had to gain some space in our list of the best first Father's Day gift ideas. It is a fashionable backpack that reliably carries all of the essential items for baby care. For instance, he can store diapers, milk bottles, food, and extra clothing and stay hand-free when outdoors. The most impressive part? He can also strap it to the stroller!

For a dad who cooks scrumptious meals and loves BBQ, this is what you need to surprise him with this Father's Day. It's the Panoware BBQ grill tools with #1 Dad engraved on it. The set includes a grilling spatula, tongs, a digital meat thermometer, and a canvas carrying case to hold all the necessary utensils. Trust us, he is going to fall in love with your gifting choice.

When there is a newborn at home, everyone tries to maintain cleanliness. But most often, one forgets to sanitize their cell phones. Yes, it is important to sanitize phones because germs and bacteria also dwell on them which is not safe for the babies. Hence, we got to recommend this sanitizer and universal charger box as the best first Father's Day gift. It is not only of great help to ensure the safety of the baby but also practical enough to use in day-to-day life.

No first Father's Day gift idea can be as good as this one — it's a beard trimmer from the brand, Bevel. Well, we do understand the struggles of a beardo dad when he wishes to cuddle with his little bundle of joy. And with this trimmer, he can make sure that his beard doesn't irritate or prick his baby's soft skin. It comes with 6 hours of battery life, an adjustable built-in dial, non-slip handle, and zero-gapped blade. Trust us, he is going to love this gift as it will allow him to attain a baby-friendly beard style effortlessly.

This foldable camping cart from Whitsunday featuring 5-inch solid rubber wheels is definitely one of the wisest gifting choices you will ever make. This cart is indeed of great help to new dads who love spending time with their little ones out, under the sun or stars. It opens and folds in the blink of an eye and can hold a maximum of 120 lbs load. Secondly, the wheels rotate 360 degrees while the telescopic handle facilitates easy maneuvering.

To help the new dads in your family or friend circle in amping up their beard game, Jack Black's beard grooming kit has to be the gift to make their first Father's Day a special one. It is an ideal kit for men with any type of facial hair. Furthermore, it is a four-step grooming essential that cleanses, conditions, and softens facial hair and the skin underneath, making the beard a lot more baby-friendly.

Gifting a lamp to a new dad on the occasion of Father's Day is actually a great idea. He can switch it on at midnight to keep a check on his baby, change his diaper, as well as feed him if hungry without turning on bright bulbs and tube lights. And, this moon lamp from TyTop Fan is a fancy lamp made from a 3D printing process so that the moon looks as real as possible. The best part — it comes with a touch button and a remote control that can be used to change its color, and resultantly the room's atmosphere.

While looking out for a funny first Father's Day gift, we came across this beard apron from Likeny. Trust us, this is an apt gift for a beardo friend, son, or brother who has just entered into his fatherhood phase. It is a bib made of high-fiber nylon with a smooth surface. It will make his life easier because there won't be any hairy mess in the wash basin or bathroom, and most importantly, he doesn't have to worry about cleanliness and hygiene post trimming or shaving his beard.

This Father's Day, gift this smart hand massager from Xllent to a new dad and let him know that you care for him. While glancing through the features of this product, we found out that it uses acupressure therapy by compressing your hand with 4 airbags. Moreover, it aids in keeping your hands warm and moist to prevent dryness. What further left us impressed is the fact that it helps in promoting blood circulation by generating heat. In addition, this hand massager is also a great tool to ease sore muscles, numbness, and cold fingers and palm.

Making its way to the list of cute first Father's Day gifts, this Tstars infant bodysuit is our favorite. It says, "I'm your Father's Day gift, Mom says you're welcome." The bodysuit is clearly the sweetest gift for your husband, brother, friend, or son who is enjoying his fatherhood with each passing day. We assure you that this kind gesture of yours will surely bring a smile to his face.

There is no better Father's Day gift than this child carrier backpack from Osprey for a new dad who loves camping, hiking, or spending the majority of his time outdoors. This backpack comes with a built-in sunshade and offers desirable UV protection. In addition, it features a washable and easily removable soft-to-the-touch drool pad. What every dad will truly appreciate are the cord loops and mesh pockets that provide easy access to toys and pacifiers.

Here comes the most adorable gift idea for a new dad — a father-baby apparel combo that says ‘Pint’ and ‘Half Pint’. The t-shirt and the body suit are made from 100% cotton and hence are super soft and comfortable for everyday use. After taking a look at the comments and review section, we found out that this is an apt gift to allow the new dada to celebrate his first Father's Day with his mini version.

Out of the massive list of funny Father's Day gift ideas rolling on Amazon, this magnetic pickup tool from Lenski got our attention. Firstly, we really liked its durable and compact construction. It is one of the best tools that meet home decoration, carpentry, construction, electrical appliances, car repair, DIY projects, boating, outdoor hunting camping, and fishing needs. Another impressive aspect — it is an expandable magnetic pick-up tool that can flexibly rotate its neck up to 360 degrees. Plus, the bright LED light with a powerful magnet can help the new dad accurately pick up metal objects from hard-to-reach areas and make the house baby-safe.

Surprise the new dad this Father's Day by gifting him this blender and hydration system from the brand, Beast. This is indeed going to be an out-of-the-box gift that will showcase how much you care for him. When he is running out of energy, this blender will whip some tasty smoothies and shakes that will remind him of you and your kind gesture. What also left us impressed was the blender's ability to monitor the blade speed, and make consistent adjustments to maintain torque and speed. It also keeps track of the internal temperature to avoid overheating and blending of hot liquids.

This Father's Day, make the new dad laugh out loud. Be it your friend, husband, son, or son-in-law, we bet this is going to be the most hilarious gift he will ever be receiving. It is a beer glass made from high-grade material featuring a thick wall and a sturdy base to prevent tipping. In addition, it has a wide rim and a cylindrical shape design to hold it in your hands with utmost ease. Trust us, whenever he will pick this beer glass, he will think of you and your crazy gift idea.

These fidget gel pens make the most practical and useful Father's Day gifts for a dad who is a workaholic with a newborn on his lap to take care of when the mommy isn't around. They are playable pens that come with 13 small steel tubes that are combined into a pen for writing. To note more, it allows the new daddy to mold it into any shape he likes — that of a puppy, robot, chair, sword, etc. to keep his little munchkin entertained.

When there is a newborn baby at home, everything needs to be kept in place to ensure utmost safety of the baby. There shouldn't be stuff or tools lying around. Most importantly, every daddy should keep his toolbox at a distance safely and securely. Thus, for all those toolbox-possessive daddies, we got this amazing tool organizer. It is nothing but a simple 3-tier shelf. On the lower shelf, he can store his handheld tools, on the middle one, he can store large toolboxes, and on the topmost shelf, he can keep screwdrivers and other daily-use tools. Without a doubt, this is the most practical and thoughtful gift for a father who is a little possessive about his tools.

It is often difficult to work in a room with the baby around. It especially becomes even more difficult for a new dad to work when he is habituated to lay his tools on the floor or the table. So for such busy and toolbox-loving dads, we’ve got this magnetic wristband from Lenski to make their Father's Day a memorable one. To note, the band is light in weight, portable, and very convenient to keep drilling screws, nails, and other small-size tools safe and away from the reach of the baby.

New dads shift their focus from laptop bags to diaper bags since the birth of their little ones. And believe us, daddies love this transition. Let us also tell you that you have a chance to fuel his happiness by gifting him this diaper bag from Paperclip Willow on his first Father's Day. With this bag on his shoulders, he can spend a gala time at the beach, a playful evening in the park, or enjoy a relaxing vacation with his little bundle of joy. We bet this bag will store all of the baby's essentials and help the dad locate things quickly.

For all those coffee and tea-loving new dads, there is no Father's Day gift as funny as this mug. It is a stainless steel mug with a humorous saying on it. Moreover, this mug from Viwis features double-wall vacuum insulation to keep beverages hot for 8 hours and cold straight for up to 24 hours. The best part — this mug is completely sweat-proof and break-resistant!

When a dad carries his little one in his arms, he ought to be careful especially if there is no sufficient lighting. There are high chances of tripping or slipping. Hence, it is a good idea to give something really useful and practical like these LED flashlight gloves to a new daddy on the occasion of Father's Day. Yes, it sounds a little funny but we assure you that they are very helpful. They are made from elasticated and breathable fabric with velcro straps for a custom fit. And no, they do not cause discomfort or restrict mobility.

We give 10 on 10 to this hip pack from The North Face only and only for its exceptional craftsmanship and impressive 3 liters storage capacity. This bag can be strapped around the chest, at the back, waist, and simply carried on the shoulders. Talking more about this beauty, this pack can carry all of your essentials like wallet, snacks, sunglasses, and other important documents in a safe and secure manner. All credit goes to its zippered compartment and sleeves dedicated to holding a smartphone and some penny. All in all, without any second thoughts, this is one of the best first Father's Day gifts that you should invest in!

Fitness-freak dads hardly are in the mood to leave their baby back at home and visit a gym. So, consider this as a chance to help such new daddies and make their Father's Day even more remarkable by gifting them this multifunctional wall-mounted pull-up bar. This bar can support all kinds of sportive exercises such as pull-ups, dip stations, leg raises, and also boxing. Plus, this gift will also inspire him to set up his very own gym at home.

These freezable whiskey glasses from Rabbit are a great option to consider to surprise a new dad on his special day. This is clearly the best Father's Day gift for a dada who loves to sip his drink after a hectic day. What we liked the most about these glasses are their silicone sleeves that won't make his hands feel frosted. He can easily pour his favorite beverage and enjoy a chilled drink for hours. Secondly, these glasses will surely remind him of you!

Mommies, all eyes here, please! Snatch a glimpse of this alluring jar candle from Opperay that says, ‘My favorite child gave me this candle’. Without a doubt, this is the best first Father's Day gift that you can surprise your man with on behalf of your baby. This candle is infused with lavender essential oil that exudes a pure and fragrant floral fragrance. Whenever he inhales its freshness, we are sure he will definitely think of you and the little one.

Men tend to become a little more punctual when they become a dad. They are always on their toes keeping track of time. Thus, we feel this analog watch from Fossil is amongst the most useful first Father's Day gifts that he will happily treasure for years to come. The watch looks smart, stylish, and trendy. It comes with leather straps and a stainless steel case so that it won't hurt his little one when in his arms.

Here comes another unique Father's Day gift that you can think of gifting to your friend, son, or cousin who has been blessed with a little angel in his life. Well, he is going to be speechless looking at your gift because this is the coolest decanter set from Kollea for every whiskey, rum, or vodka lover. It comes in the shape of a gun that all together enhances the drinking experience.

Lastly, we recommend Amropi's impeccable kangaroo jacket that comes with a carrier and a hood. It is a pullover sweatshirt that will lend the little one utmost warmth in cold weather. Crafted from high-grade polyester cotton, this jacket not only protects the wearer but also his baby from gusty winds. Secondly, the kangaroo panels can also be removed and installed as and when needed. Trust us, the new dad is going to love your gesture more than anything else.


Thank you will never be enough for everything a man does for his little angel, wife, and family. But a small token of love will definitely suffice and bring a smile to his face! Since Father's Day is around the corner, we hope our first Father's Day gift ideas must have made your gift-choosing session a lot easier and quicker. So, why wait? Place your orders, wrap them with love and affection, and get set to receive tons of hugs and kisses from him. We bet your kind gesture will be highly appreciated and fuel his happiness.

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