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It’s time to break our addiction to South American hardwoods! Here is HOW:

Jun 11, 2023Jun 11, 2023

Tantimber has recently entered the United States thermally modified market with their unique line of thermally treated decking, siding/cladding, louvers, laminated beams, pergolas and decorative interior wall coverings which are manufactured using a cutting-edge ThermoWood™ process.

ThermoWood, a patented process, refines and modifies wood to transform its structure into its most stable and durable configuration. It prevents expansion, warping, shrinking, infestations, splitting, breaking and limits checking and cracking.

Unlike South American hardwoods with a variety of species, environmentally damaging petroleum-based wood imitations (WPC, synthetic/composite) and hybrid products, Tantimber's ThermoWood species are sourced from responsibly managed sustainable forests and a single source of species.

Tantimber's unique competitive advantage is the fact that Tantimber's ThermoWood products are manufactured in accordance with the International Thermowood Association (ITWA) audited and certified by an independent third-party agency for quality control standards. It's chemical-free (non toxic), eco-friendly and 100% fully recyclable.

Lastly, with a brand new 300,000 sq. ft. production facility that will be operational by 2023, Tantimber is in search of forward thinking, non-traditional and reputable distributors as its exclusive partners in the United States.

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