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Newport Man In Coma After Weekend Assault

Jun 13, 2023Jun 13, 2023

A Newport man is in a coma following an assault this weekend on Bliss Road.

Kyle Kettner was walking home with his girlfriend when he was attacked on Bliss Road off of Broadway.

Kettner hit his head on the concrete during the assault and is in a medically induced coma at Rhode Island Hospital.

A GoFundMe page set up by his sister in law Jodie Morinho has more details:

Early today my brother-in-law was attacked walking with a friend in Newport,RI. He sustained severe head trauma. He has swelling and bleeding on the brain. He has been put into a medical induced coma to prevent him from waking up and pulling out all the tubes he's hooked up to. Kyle has no insurance to rely on once he wakes up. Kyle also has his little boy Jack he needs to worry about once he wakes up and gets better. Any donations will appreciated.

Sara and Casey are back by his side he's doing better today 90% breathing with machine 10% taking breaths on his own neruo exams are getting better they are talking about "HOPING" to have him off breathing tube with in a few days but that depends on how his breathing stays but he looks a lot better today

Newport Police are investigating. If you have any information please call 401.847.1212.

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